EPS is a versatile and innovative material used in a variety of projects. Its flexibility offers a powerful range of solutions for commercial, industrial and residential applications. It is environmentally friendly and free from hydro chlorofluorocarbon.


Due to EPS’s excellent thermal properties it is well-suited as insulation material in cold rooms, deep freeze facilities, refrigeration, fermentation tanks, vessels and for pipe and duct lagging. Besides being very easy to install and energy-efficient, Isolite products are economical and save time.


One of the qualities that make EPS the ideal packaging material is its durability combined with low weight. This meets the purpose of packaging, protecting goods on their way from the manufacturer to the consumer, while drastically reducing transportation costs. Due to its excellent cushioning properties, heat resistance and limitless design possibilities, EPS is used for protective packaging in a variety of industries such as industrial, pharmaceutical, retail etc.

EPS is particularly suitable for fresh food packaging and transportation since it is shock resistant, non-toxic, odourless and does not attract insects or bacteria. Its resistance to moisture makes it hygienic.

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EPS easily lends itself to a multitude of design options and decorative effects and this makes it popular in publicity and sales promotion packaging, helping the designer achieve many different decorative effects. EPS is easily painted using acrylic PVA applied by either spray or brush, and is easily cut and worked using conventional hand tools.


In the construction business, EPS sheets and boards are used for thermal and sound insulation in walls, roofs and on floors and foundations, while loose beads are used as an aggregate in lightweight concrete, plasters and renderings. It is also used in under floor heating systems, drainage boards, permanent formwork, foundation and prefabricated wall systems.

Since EPS remains unaffected by micro-organisms in soil, it is ideal for geothermic insulation beneath roads, around foundations and in embankments where it prevents soil break-up through freezing.

expanded polystyrene in construction


Because of its strength, shock-absorbing properties as well as its versatility, EPS is also used for a variety of recreational applications such as bicycle helmets and surfboards besides children’s car seats where safety and strength are important.

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