More about Isolite

The Isolite Group, an iMvula group comany, service a wide range of industries from a number of conveniently located factories in South Africa. Its EPS product line is used in insulation, packaging, art and display, construction and the food industry. Its strength and shock absorbing properties make it ideal in the recreation industry for use in safety products such as bicycle helmets, baby car seats and surf-boards. Being moisture-resistant, EPS meets the most stringent hygiene standards, making it invaluable to the food industry.

Besides its EPS range, The Isolite Group also manufactures ISO-LAM insulating panels, made of IsoLite Fire Retardant EPS sheets laminated on one face with a PVC skin. These non-toxic, recyclable panels are ideal for insulating roofs, ceilings and walls and provide a permanent maintenance free internal surface.

To learn more about Isolite’s product range and how you can apply them to your benefit, contact us.

As manufacturers and designers of EPS products, Isolite can assist you in designing custom applications for your needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or phone us at 0861-ISOLITE. We will be more than happy to assist you!