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Welcome to Isolite's website

The Isolite Group manufactures and distributes Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products throughout Southern Africa. Our mission is to offer our extensive EPS product line supported by our technical expertise, ensuring that customers’ needs are met in a cost effective manner without compromising on quality.

EPS is an innovative, flexible and high performance material. As an eco-friendly option that can be recycled, EPS’ unique features make it a suitable choice for a variety of applications. Read more about EPS and its applications.

To discuss how EPS, an economical yet versatile material can meet your requirements, please contact us.


Our Products

Block moulded

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) has a number of applications, one of which is block moulded products. With block moulding, a big block of EPS is cut and shaped using a hot wire to create different products.


Shape moulded

Shape moulding involves creating a customised mould which a product is then created in. Shape moulding is used for display products, seed trays, balls and other products.



Isocornice provides an easy way to add a unique and decorative touch to your home. Isocornices are made from EPS and other products that makes it harder and more durable than normal EPS.


Isowood is made from recycled EPS products and is an alternative to hardwood. Isowood is formed to make an extruded skirting board or dado rail. Isowood is 100% recyclable, cost efficient, rot resistant as well as resistant to fungal and insect attack.